Do Anti-Cellulite Massagers Really Work? Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

In an age of Instagram influencers and photoshopped models looking down at us from billboards everywhere we go, you'd be forgiven for thinking cellulite wasn't all that common.

In fact, cellulite, also known as "orange peel skin", has been found to affect between 80% and 90% of women.

Despite cellulite being so normal, our increasing beauty standards mean many women are willing to do almost anything to help combat it.

One of the most popular modern treatments is the anti-cellulite massager device. 

This range of products is growing in number and being recommended by professionals all over the planet, but does it really work, and if so, how?

We've brought together the facts and figures into one easy-to-read article that will hopefully tell you everything you need to know, so let's take a look:

Does Massaging Help Reduce Cellulite?

how does massaging help reduce cellulite

Anti-cellulite massager devices are intended to simulate a cellulite massage being carried out by a trained professional, allowing you to get long term massages without the cost of repeated visits to a professional.

But how do these massages work?

While the cause of cellulite still isn't 100% understood, it is most commonly thought to be the result of fatty deposits collecting in the connective tissue just under the skin and growing with time.

This tissue is aligned in a single vertical straight line in women and as a criss-cross pattern in men, which is why men are less likely to suffer from cellulite.

Massages involve stimulating these fat cells and spreading them more evenly and naturally around the body.

While exercise and eating well can reduce the fat content of the body and help fight cellulite, we all have some level of fat in our bodies, and this fat can still collect in certain places.

Because of this, while exercise is always encouraged and can help combat cellulite, anti-cellulite massages are one of the best methods for treating cellulite and should be top of your list when it comes to products you can buy.

It also explains why even fit people with no weight issues can struggle with cellulite.

But how do these massages have such a positive effect?

Let me explain:

Helps to Increase Circulation


Along with helping to shift the cellulite itself, these massages also help encourage healthy blood flow which also prevents the ageing of the skin and helps tighten the skin naturally.

Cellulite is formed by tight bands of skin and the fat collecting between them. Massages both loosen this skin and move the fat around which not only reduces cellulite but other types of saggy skin too, leaving your skin feeling more tight and toned.

Removes Toxins

removes toxins

Anti-cellulite massages, along with the improved circulation they cause help the body to rid itself of toxins which aids the body's healthy management of itself and makes it easier for the body to do things like getting fitter or shedding excess fat.

Not only that but it eliminates excess water from the muscles, and helps to make your skin more elastic and healthy, forcing it back into its natural shape and preventing the fibrous strands that make cellulite collect in visible areas.

Tightening of Muscles

helps to tighten muscles

Massages have been shown to help keep muscles tight and shapely, and even encourage growth.

If you work out regularly, the bulk of your muscles will be accustomed to being under resistance and as such, this might not work too well for you.

But the softer muscles that we rarely exercise can benefit from this, and if you are somebody who doesn't exercise too regularly, that could well be the case for your whole body.

Improving Lymphatic Drainage

improves lymphatic drainage

Lymph is a fluid that transports oxygen and nutrition to our cells, collecting toxins and removing them along the journey.

Draining this lymph fluid is how our body manages itself and clears out these toxins, but the lymphatic system doesn't have a pump like the heart, and so relies on our muscular movements to push it around the body.

While stretching out your skin and improving your circulation, your anti-cellulite massage is also thought to help lymphatic drainage.

This is closely tied to the removal of toxins as mentioned but the lymphatic system is part of the immune system, so this may improve our health in ways we don't even understand yet, including boosting our metabolism which can only help with weight loss and cellulite.

How Severe is My Cellulite?

While almost every woman has some experience with cellulite in their lives, only some women will experience a really serious version of it.

In 2009, ResearchGate posted a cellulite severity scale.

This is categorised as such:

Grade 1 (Mild Cellulite)
 A draped or sagging look to the skin, 1-4 visible depressions and the famous "orange peel" appearance
Grade 2 (Moderate Cellulite)
5-9 visible depressions, often of increased depth, skin that appears even more draped and a look comparable to cottage cheese.
Grade 3 (Severe Cellulite)
Severe cellulite will often be made up of more than 10 deep visible depressions and be severely draped, being comparable to the look of a mattress.

How to Use an Anti-Cellulite Massager

anti-cellulite massager

Hopefully, the above content has shown you how effective massages can be for removing and preventing cellulite.

Anti-cellulite massagers simply simulate a massage, allowing you to regularly and consistently experience these same benefits without needing to book regular expensive treatments.

Most good anti-cellulite massagers will come complete with a cellulite firming gel.

In order to stimulate your lymphatic system, boost your circulation, and start to combat your cellulite, just follow these basic steps:

1: Apply Your Cellulite Firming Gel.

add cellulite firming gel

Often this will be a skin firming gel with moisturising qualities that will have an array of benefits for fighting cellulite in its own right, so you should be applying it regularly anyway.

Our own version is based on all-natural ingredients and will help tone your skin even when used without your massager.

However, in this situation, you are essentially using it as a massage oil, allowing it to tighten your skin and do it's work while simultaneously making your massager glide smoothly across the surface of your skin.

This is important as using your massager directly onto dry skin will be less effective, so if your massager doesn't come with any cellulite firming gel, consider buying some, or at least a good moisturiser.

2: Start Massaging from the Feet and Work Your Way Up to the Heart

massage towards your heart

Firmly and slowly push your massager into your skin and push it slowly and firmly in straight lines upwards from your feet.

Continue to do this, massaging your entire body in straight lines going towards your heart.

This allows your massager to work naturally with your cardiovascular system and helps boost circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Chances are you won't feel the need to go above your heart as most cellulite is experienced in the legs, bum and tum, but if you do, follow the same instructions, working your way downwards to the heart.

This step is the bulk of the part that actually works, so don't be afraid to repeat it multiple times and make sure you cover your entire body thoroughly.

3: Finish with Some Gentle, Broad, Relaxing Movements

gentle massage strokes

Finish off by doing similar massage strokes with your hands but much more slowly and gently.

This helps provide a gentle finish and is good for the circulation, and lymphatic drainage, but also just provides a relaxing and pleasant end to the massage!


We hope this post has gone some way into dispelling the myths of cellulite and helping you to understand how anti-cellulite massagers can have huge benefits if used correctly.

We have a put a lot of time and effort into creating the best cellulite massager machine on the market, complete with an all-natural and effective cellulite firming gel at one of the lowest price points in the industry.

We did this simply because we know it works and we are sick of overpriced treatments and devices that don't do anything special.

As a result, we are proud of offering the best solution available for those struggling with cellulite.

Regardless of whether you use ours or another, follow these instructions and use a good quality firming gel and you will see results before you know it!

Keep your eyes on Luminositie for more in-depth investigations, and as always we will include links to academic studies and research, so you know exactly who and what to trust!