Snail Extract Essence Renewal Cream

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About the product

  • LATEST KOREAN BEAUTY CRAZE - snail mucin, (also known as snail essence or snail extract) is taking the world by storm as a miracle ingredient that improves complexion & eliminates acne like no other product you’ve experienced.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Natural acids, snail extract, natural proteins and elastin all help to protect your skin in the long term by nourishing and giving it all it needs to repair and protect itself from aging.
  • IMPROVES MOISTURE - Snail extract essence is not only a great moisturiser, but it has been shown to improve the ability of skin to maintain moisture naturally, resulting in flawless, brighter, younger skin long after use.
  • REGENERATES SKIN DAMAGE - Renews and triggers the regeneration of skin that has been damaged by age, unhealthy beauty products, UV radiation and environmental factors.
  • BEST ANTI-AGING FACE CREAM - Snail extract is a new natural phenomenon spreading across the world which, combined with our knowledge of natural skincare has allowed us to formulate a low-cost renewal cream that blows existing premium priced products out of the water.


Harness nature to achieve your anti-aging goals without breaking the bank!

Snail extract has been used for centuries to soothe skin inflammation and even to heal scars.

It works by increasing the skin’s natural ability to take up and hold water, meaning moisturised skin lasts longer and the effects of ageing slow down considerably.

Our snail extract cream combines a generous helping of snail mucin with all-natural ingredients to create the best snail face cream on the market.

Formulated just for you!

No matter whether your skin is:

  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Sensitive
  • Damaged

...this gentle natural face cream is suitable for all skin types and will hydrate and soothe as it fights aging, leaving you to worry about more important things.

Snail essence helps your skin to create collagen and elastin, which not only help with hydration but also smooth out your skin and provide long term protection against the elements.

Try it now and you'll soon be a believer in nature's ability to heal and protect better than any synthetic chemical!

Not convinced yet? Take a look at our in-depth article on snail mucin and its benefits, including a look at the science behind snail mucus and what the world's researchers are saying about it!