How to Tighten Pores and Get Rid of Saggy Skin

Remember that episode of Sex and the City, where Charlotte admitted she would sit and look at her enlarged pores in a mirror for hours?

Growing up has taught just how real that scene was!

Large pores are a common source of low confidence in both men and women.

This is particularly the case when make-up isn’t always very good at covering or hiding enlarged pores. But it’s not just our pores that can cause low confidence.

As, when we get older, the elasticity of our skin starts to sag, meaning your pores can look even larger which leads to further problems.

Now, you can’t get rid of your pores entirely – your skin needs them! – but you can tighten your pores and skin with right skincare products and routine. This will make your skin look both smoother and years younger.

Intrigued? Well here are our top recommendations for ways you can tighten up both your pores and skin, so stick with us:

Only Use Non-Comedogenic Make-Up and Skincare Products

When you see the term “non-comedogenic” it basically refers to products that will not clog up your pores. Clogged pores will expand in order to breathe, which is what makes your pores look larger and more noticeable and causes pimples and spots.

This means that whenever you buy a product for your skin – from cleanser to foundation – you should always look for a reference to it being non-comedogenic. This might be written as “oil free” in some circumstances.

If you can’t see any reference to this, either ask an expert or choose a different product.

Use a Cleanser Aimed at Tightening Pores

The two main causes of enlarged pores are from oily skin and foreign debris blocking them, both of which can be treated with an appropriate non-comedogenic cleanser.

Wash your face twice a day with warm water – not hot as this will irritate and dry out your skin. Try not to scrub either, as this can cause inflammation and enlarge your pores more.

A pore cleanser that contains salicylic acid can really clean and exfoliate your skin. This works deep into your pores, making them clear and really tightens both the pores and skin. This acid is often used in chemical peels, so beware using salicylic acid for too long, as it can cause irritation and thin the skin.

Treat Your Acne

acne treatment

Although many people believe that you can only get acne in your teenage years, it’s actually quite common for adults to suffer from acne. This is particularly common in adult women, where frequent hormonal changes can be attributed to our skin producing more sebum, which causes oily skin and flare-ups of spots.

People with acne are also very likely to have enlarged pores. So, if you want to keep your pores tight and small, it’s important that you properly treat your acne. Even if you don’t suffer from spots often, it’s important to know what to do if acne rears its head.

Remember – never pick your pimples! As tempting as it is, squeezing spots causes damage to your skin and can make your pores look bigger.

Protect Your Skin by Using Sunscreen

Just because it’s cold or raining, it doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t harming your skin, signs of which can become more noticeable as you age. When you don’t wear sunscreen, your skin gets damaged. The more your skin is damaged by the sun, the less healthy and youthful it will be - it genuinely is that simple.

Ideally, in the summer, you should apply an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen under your make-up and skincare products. In winter, you can opt for make-up products that offer small SPF protection and this will help keep your skin firm and your pores tight.

Exfoliate Your Skin – But Be Gentle!

If done correctly, exfoliating your skin can help you tighten your pores and make your skin firmer. The problem is, it can be very easy to over-exfoliate, which irritates and damages the skin, making your pores larger than ever.

Instead, look for a gentle exfoliator that won’t inflame your skin and use it once or twice a week. This will remove dead skin cells from your face and help it look smooth, firm and your pores tightened.

Use an Anti-Aging Cream

As your skin ages, it becomes looser and saggier and your pores look larger. To help combat this, you should incorporate a cream into your skincare regime that is aimed at making your skin look younger and firmer.

Our Niacinamide B3 cream is one of the best anti-wrinkle creams on the market, made entirely from natural ingredients. Safe even for sensitive skin, you’ll notice your skin firming up in just a few days. Or, for those with oily or problematic skin, our Snail Extract Renewal cream works to both tighter your skin and wrinkles, while preventing spots popping up.

Add a Serum to Your Skincare Routine

anti aging serum

Serums are absolutely wonderful and if you don’t have one in your skincare routine, now is the time to act!

Serums themselves are like concentrated bottles of other skin treatments, which means they are often very versatile for treating various skin problems, including tightening pores and skin.

For a lightweight formula, our Dragons Blood serum, is both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, which tightens and plumps your skin to make it look younger. This all-natural product can also treat scars, such as those caused by acne and the sun, making your skin look wonderfully smooth and clear.

Another popular extract at the moment are apple stem cells, which are endorsed by celebrities like Michelle Obama and Gwyneth Paltrow. Available as a serum in our online shop, this serum can help your skin to regenerate, which can reverse the signs of ageing and sagging skin.

Improve Your Face Hygiene

Although we may think that our hands are clean, we are constantly coming into contaminants throughout the day. For one, did you know that studies show that your smartphone can be seven times dirtier than a toilet? So make sure you clean it!

To keep your face free of bacteria and your pores happy, try not to touch your face a lot. Plus, when you go to apply skin care products or make-up, make sure to wash your hands beforehand!